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There is Power in Every Story

I carried book ideas in my head for years. What is interesting is that none f those ideas ever met the light of day.

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Words Matter

As a writer, I find it somewhat amusing that it is hard for me to put into words just how profoundly affected I was watching someone else read my work. 

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The Abyss: My Battle Writing About Trauma

Jumping into what I call the abyss, I felt shame, guilt, and rage. I began a truth-seeking journey of refection, battling monsters, and finally acknowledging what had happened to me. Full Article

Into the Light

“I wrote 'Into the Light' as a way to both educate and to help people understand how deeply Military Sexual Trauma (MST) affects those of us who experience it while serving. See publication

A Seamless Military to Civilian Workforce Transition

Veteran’s Perspective: By Lisa “La Coronela”. Full Article

Lack of Hispanic Diversity, and Inclusion in the DoD,

In partnership with Mr. David Cruz, Strategic Communications expert and Salem Media Network, HVLA is conducting a series of podcasts to increase national awareness regarding the lack of Hispanic diversity and inclusion in the DoD and to further our mission. Listen to Podcast

S02 Ep. 04: AFTERSHOCK / La Réplica - Navigator (Finale)

Episode four explores navigating life after war. Tejana Host, Karen Alvarado, shares audio-adapted Latinx stories from the 2019 stage play AFTERSHOCK / La Réplica. Alvarado then interviews combat veterans Colonel Lisa Carrington Firmin and Jenny Pacanoswki  Listen to Podcast

Veteran’s Perspective

Career Evolution: Adapt and Overcome 

Full Article

A Family Tradition of Service

These women served their country and created a legacy across generations. 

Full Article

Resilience and Empowerment Post Trauma

I am a Latina and a veteran who served her country for 30 years. Full Article

The Transition: Colonel to Associate Provost -
Book Chapter

The essays in Adapt and Overcome: Essays on the Student Veteran Experience explore issues faced by veteran-students when they confront the demands of college. Written for students, faculty and staff, and university administrators, the text helps readers gain a deeper understanding of the veteran-student experience and addresses how to support these students in order to maximize their chances for success. Get it here

A Call to Action: Sexual Assault And Harassment In The Military

This is a complex, sensitive subject to navigate and extremely difficult for many organizations, especially the military and veterans to talk about. Full Article

S02 Ep. 01: AFTERSHOCK / La Réplica - Suppressive Fire

Episode One (scroll down to find #1) explores Latinx Identity and Women in War. Our Tejana host, Karen Alvarado, shares audio-adapted Latinx stories from the 2019 stage play AFTERSHOCK / La Réplica. Alvarado then interviews combat veterans Colonel Lisa Carrington Firmin and Jenny Pacanoswki about their personal experiences with identity, gender and culture in the US Armed Services. Listen to Podcast

Hispanics: An Untapped Leadership Resource - Research

Hispanics: An Untapped Leadership Resource. Air War College Maxwell Air Force Base. 2002.  Full Article

Consulting, Speaking, and Writing for Profit

Using the Arts To Heal! Join us on Women Lead Radio as Melissa Washington, your host of Women Veterans in Business, has a conversation with Lisa Firmin, CEO/Founder of Carrington Firmin LLC, about her 30 years as a leader in the military, in combat and 12 years as a leader in higher education. Lisa will share how she uses writing and speaking to heal.. 

Listen to radio show

An author's gratitude

As I enter 2023 with excitement about writing my second book, a collection of poems, prose and art, I cannot allow any more time to pass without stating just how grateful I am to the many individuals, organizations, and institutions who supported my first book. 

Full Article

La Coronela's Last Command

Writing about personal trauma was more difficult than serving in combat. Full Article

Serving Students Veterans at the University of Texas at San Antonio: Accomplishments and Challenges - Book Chapter

Logan, M., Firmin, L., Dizinno, G. Book chapter can be found in Building Bridges for Student Success: A Sourcebook for Colleges and Universities. Part 4: 387-394. 2013. Get it here

Women Protecting Their Country, Yet Military Fails to Protect Them

It is a profound shame it has taken this long and so many have suffered or died because of failures in the chain of command. No más. The Department of Defense cannot shirk its duty anymore. You owe us. Change. Now. Full Article

Paving the Way - Interview

Showcased in Military Officer Magazine, Paving the Way, October edition, print and online. Full Article

Military Sexual Trauma

VCV CEO Update 8 Aug 2022 with Special Guest COL Lisa Firmin. Listen to Podcast

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